Thursday, February 28, 2013

1st Step Paint Color..... NOT!!!

      I have noticed in my career that many new homeowners assume that their first project should be to choose new wall colors.  This would be common sense to the general public.  Common sense, to a qualified interior designer says "This is WRONG!"  Though covering blank walls first seems natural, it is actually unwise to make it the first priority when moving into a new home.  Why?  Choosing a good wall color is dependent on knowing what else will be within the room.  You also need to have a design concept that you are working towards.  If you have not yet moved the furniture that you plan to keep into your space, choosing paint color will be an aggravating process to say the least.

      The first step to successfully decorating a new space is to have an inspiration piece.  Whether it be a piece of furniture, wall art, or area rug, you should have a source that will guide you in selecting details like paint color, window treatments, etc.  When shopping for a car, you should not make a decision based on the color you like.  You need to factor in the quality of the vehicle, size, mpg, price, etc.  The same goes for wall color.  Wall color is a detail that accentuates a space, but it is not THE space.

      Whether you are in the moving process or have moved in already, call Judy Olson Interiors to help get you on the right track for making all your new home selections, from paint, to window treatments, to quality home furnishings.  I look forward to helping you make your home a beautiful space that works for you.  925-895-1336
Ouch!  What happened here?  These wall colors were most likely selected without much thought given to the rest of the room elements.  Honestly?  Bert and Ernie colors with an antique fireplace and cherry floors?  Do not make this mistake!  Consider the big picture before you take this kind of leap.

Now this is more like it!  This strong cobalt blue tone is used gracefully, unifying the space.  This potentially overwhelming color is used in perfect proportions to create a lively but relaxing space.  The accent wall location was most likely chosen during the space planning process, an un-common but very wise approach.  This kind of look is easily achieved when one can see the "Big Picture".   For those who struggle with this, call a designer!  We do what we do because we can easily see the big picture.  Call 925-895-1336 to start your new home off on the right foot!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Housewarming Design Services

Judy Olson Interiors is now introducing a special line of services called "Housewarming Design".  This new collection of services is based on the most common design needs of a new homeowner. Examples include:

  • INITIAL CONSULTATION-  For those who need help with miscellaneous/numerous aspects of design and furnishing, an initial consultation can get you on the right track.  Your initial consult is only $150 per hour.  Its worth every penny.  I can provide references.

  • COLOR CONSULTATION-  One of the first projects people pursue upon buying a house is painting the walls.  Often, the property manager (if there is one) will refer a paint contractor, and the decision for colors is rushed before all furniture is delivered.  This causes a huge amount of unnecessary stress.  For those getting ready to move in, JOI offers paint color consultation to help relieve stress and ensure the correct decisions are made.  Painting a whole house is not something  you want to screw up on--- especially if NONE of the colors are quite right.  With JOI, you can have the security of knowing your colors have been professionally selected and are right for you and your style.  Plus JOI can refer a paint contractor if you do not already have one.

  • SPACE PLANNING-  Everyone is eager to get new furniture for their home the second they move in.  Sometimes they are eager to the point where the size and configuration of new furniture is not given enough thought.  And once you get that comfortable but tacky La Z Boy sectional into your house, you are committed for who knows how many years to something that may be entirely inappropriate for your space.  Many homeowners will bring a hodge-podge of "Had since college" and "Inherited/family heirloom/can't get rid of it" furniture with them.  Not to mention the "Spent so much on it, but its not quite right" furniture.  These are all situations in which JOI's "Space Planning" services can help.  If you want to either avoid spending a ton of money on furniture that may or may not work, or part with current furnishings and are unsure how to get started, call for an initial consultation. JOI will measure your room(s) and propose some floor plan ideas both with new furniture and existing furniture.  You get SO MUCH for so little.  Call 925-895-1336 to set up your appointment.

  • WINDOW CONSULTING-  These days, one of the first and biggest investments is furnishing your windows.  When its summer and the sun is already frying your new wood floors, you want to cover those windows as soon as possible.  If you have purchased an older house with single pane windows that offer poor insulation, you want to cover your windows as soon as possible.  If you are only 10 feet away from your neighbor, you want window coverings for privacy as soon as possible.  The list goes on, and that is why this category is in my "Housewarming" line, no pun intended.  I can bring window covering catalogs and samples directly to your home, make professional recommendations based on your window size, shape, and utilization.  I can measure, and give you a price on the spot, plus even place your order same day!  I offer my clients up to 30% off Hunter Douglas window coverings.  You get discounts and unbiased advice from a professional designer with years of experience in window treatments.  Also, for those rooms that require more decorative enhancement, ie living rooms and master bedrooms, we also offer custom drapery design!  

  • RENOVATION CONSULTING-  Nowadays, everyone wants to make their kitchen and/or bath their own by remodeling.  Remodeling, despite what cheap ads in PennySaver may imply, are a significant investment if you want to do it right.  That is where JOI comes in.  We can guide you on the key techniques to improve your space.  We help determine, which walls need knocking down, if any, and how to configure the new space, plus make recommendations of materials, style, and finishes that are suitable for your style.  The $150 per hour is more than worth it.  One may argue "There are companies that come out and do the design for free".  NOT TRUE.  Companies that come out for "Free" are counting on closing the deal, in other words, retaining a minimum thousand dollar deposit towards your remodel.  Unless you are ready to write that $1,000+ check, call Judy Olson Interiors.  We can help you without obligating you.  No pressure!  JOI charges on an hourly basis for professional consulting.  We are not out to make a sale like all the "Free" companies you find in weekly coupon books.  Whats more, is we can refer you to contractors you can trust---those that are experienced, friendly, affordable, and INSURED.  You can skip months of sifting through Yelp and Angie's List.  While JOI offers "Project management" design packages (we can take care of all the remodel details and project coordination for you), the choice to invest in that service is totally up to you.  No strings attached.  Make this tiny investment, and save yourself months or even years of stress.

*Promotional pricing may vary during periods of significantly high traffic.  Standard hourly rate is $150.  Extra charges may be necessary for customers outside of the San Francisco East Bay Area.  JOI offers many more services that you can see on our website.

Call and let Judy help you build the new home of your dreams!