Thursday, March 6, 2014

How much does it cost to furnish a home?

I have helped hundreds of homeowners excited to make updates to their home, as well as new home buyers that are starting from scratch.  They tend to be excited and in good spirits until they find out it costs not hundreds, but many thousands of dollars to furnish a home.  Even with the cheapest quality product, the number will be in the thousands.

Throughout my career, I have done tiny budget projects and high end projects, and therefore have the experience to tell consumers exactly what to expect before they start on their quest for furniture.  There is a very wide range, which I will illustrate in spreadsheet format.

I will cover the span of costs between low budget and high end budget for an average family room.  No remodeling, re-flooring, or re-painting.

Now that we've had a reality check, let's talk about what "low cost" means based on the above numbers.  The "low cost" items above are in reference to the sort of furniture quality one finds at IKEA, low end discount furniture stores, or online furniture sources.  This is furniture that usually will not last more than a couple years before looking beaten down.  The "accessories" are sparse, but the finished look is adequate, if done properly.  That's where a good designer comes in handy.

The "higher cost" numbers are in reference to the type of quality that will last for decades, if not forever, with proper care.  Superior quality, not just in construction, but in aesthetic appeal.

Most customers, while they still appreciate a good bargain, do not want to sacrifice quality.  So what does one need to spend in order to get a good quality product?  I will present the average cost, or what is on the lower priced side of good quality furniture.

Clients with budgets closer to 10k per room most likely will not have the option to invest in full service design, but I always recommend at least an initial consultation.  In this case, I help develop a floor plan and design concept, usually with a 3D sketch that can help to guide my clients in their furniture search.  If the budget allows, full service design is excellent for those who have busy schedules.  I take care of the planning, ordering, and arrangements for delivery/installations.  Initial consultations within the California Tri-Valley are $150 per hour.  Full service design packages start at $3,500, and can run as high as $15,000 depending on how extensive your project is.  See my other articles for more details on design service options, or visit my website for more information.