Thursday, July 18, 2019

Get ready for it....Interior design for MEN

It's safe to say that men WANT an attractive home, like all people do, but often don't know how to attain it.  They can be out of their element when shopping for things that are non-essential, like accent furniture and decor.  Common questions include:  Where do I go for help?  Is it bad that I don't know what I want?  What is popular right now?  Can I have something that both looks good AND is comfortable?  Can I have a professionally decorated home without a lot of chintzy accessories?  What is feasible within my budget?

Most bachelors, I have observed, have little to no interest in exploring the millions of home decor options, and are too busy to visit stores, debate over selections, and handle deliveries.  Most work full time, and many commute to their job, even further limiting their free time to focus on more important things, like sleeping, socializing, and let's face it, the occasional binge on Netflix.

Another pretty universal characteristic I've observed in bachelors is the desire to get their home improvement project completed quickly and easily.  They like to set requirements, and delegate authority.  It's an approach that is contradictory to most clients I encounter, but in my opinion the most efficient way to do business, with consistent high quality results.

This is why I've created a new division to Judy Olson Interiors, called Caves by JOI.  Caves caters to the working man--the full time professional who doesn't have the time or desire to shop, but wants their bachelor pad fully finished, from top to bottom. 

The Caves advantage is our our full service business strategy.  We evaluate your personal style, listen to your requirements, create a plan, research products, make final selections, coordinate orders and deliveries, as well as arrange assembly of furniture, hanging of artwork, etc.  The homeowner has no research to do, no selections to approve, no vendors to call, no deliveries to receive, no issues to resolve.  We do it all, start to finish!

If you're a bachelor, and want to perfect the interior of your home, Caves is the easy solution.  Check out our website, or call for a free phone consultation to discuss the options for your project.

Or reach us via email.